Monday, July 6, 2009

Wow June has already come and gone. I am thoroughly enjoying summer so far. Beau and I taught summer school for a couple of weeks and that was actually not bad at all. It was just 1/2 a day and very relaxing. The money we got we were able to put straight into our Australia fund. We are hoping to take a trip out there next June. We also just got back from youth camp. For 4 days Beau and I were sponsors for 28 youth from our church. I actually had a very good time. We went to the lake for a day and did a scavenger hunt at the mall. It was a great time to really get to know some of the kids. The other big event for us is that we just bought our first DSLR camera. We choose the Nikon D5000, but it was not an easy choice. We went back and forth on the Nikon and the Cannon Rebel T1i. It basically came down to comfort and few extra specs on the Nikon. It should be coming in today so as soon as it does I'll get some pics up :) We have a few vacations planned for the coming weeks and school will be starting before we know it. Summer is flying by!

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