Monday, June 8, 2009

AHHHH summer. It's finally here. I feel like I didn't even sit down during May. It flew by and was gone before I knew it. We have been busy lately. Yesterday was our youth breakfast to raise money for our camp. We did awesome too! Saturday I went down to Abilene with my family. Dad grew up down there in a children's home and they were having a reunion type thing. It was really neat to see where he grew up and take a tour of Abilene. Not much down there, but still cool. I've also been moving my classroom the last week, which was a nightmare. I never knew how much stuff was in those cabinets! It's now all in my room and in some kind of order. I'm ready for it to all be organized. However, my new room is so small compared to my old one. I have no idea how it's all going to fit. I know it will all work out though. Next year is going to be interesting in a few ways. I'm excited though. Sarah who was my aide this year is moving so I'm going to be getting a new aide. She is currently our resource aide and knows some of my kids and seems excited to be come in. For now though I'm resting and relaxing this summer. I look forward to next year, but I'm not ready just yet. So here's to summer and lazy days. :)

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