Friday, July 1, 2011

For Me

Wow what a year does to you! My last post is dated May 30. That is almost exactly 13 months from today. In this last year I have: been to Australia (always a dream), got pregnant and had my wonderful son Kepler, helped open the new preschool, taught with a wonderful new staff and fantastic kiddos, and finally (and most recently) decided to leave the public school to stay home. Whew. I didn't realize just how busy I was!

This latest decision to leave the public school has really got my mind going about where I am wanting to be as a mommy and a professional. First, let me start with Kepler.

Beau and I found out almost a year ago (July 3 to be exact) that we were expecting our first child. Tentative due date was March 12, 2011. The pregnancy was great. I had no complications and stayed right on track for weight gain and measurements. We weren't originally going to find out the sex, but curiosity got the best of us. It took us forever to come up with a name! We kept it a secret for a long time, but finally settled on Kepler. Beau found it and suggested it to me. I was skeptical at first, but warmed up to the idea after several weeks. Johannes Kepler was an astronomer who worked with Galileo. There is also a Kepler telescope out in space. By about the 8th month I started to get really uncomfortable and tired. Baby was due the day spring break started and I was determined to make it. March 12th rolled around and I went walking with Adrienne. We went to several stores and a craft fair. After some tacos from Rosa's I called it a night. At about 4:30 contractions started. They started out slow and steady, but after a few attempts at going back to sleep I gave up. We were off to the hospital by 7:30 and the contractions were coming about 3-5 minutes apart. All the pain I had at this point was in my back. I really was in denial that I was in labor. I thought we would get there and they would send me home. Come to find out I was in active back labor. I dilated very quickly, but my water never broke. Somewhere around 10 they had to break my water. I thought I was in pain before that, but I was wrong! Kepler was born on March 13th at 11:20 weighing 8 pounds 13oz and 21 3/4 inches long. I didn't have any meds and loved the whole experience!

After he was here, I could not imagine life without a baby. Those first few weeks were so exhausting and exciting at the same time. We were very fortunate that Beau got to stay home with me for 3 weeks. Family and friends were great and stopped by to help and bring food and supplies. Recovery was great and I was feeling good by week 5.

So this brings me back to the present, Kepler is now almost 16 weeks old. I spent one week back at school teaching and it was difficult. Watching Kepler's every move and knowing how he likes to be held and put to sleep is the best job ever. I love being a mommy. So I put in my resignation in Keller this week. At the same time I found out that the school at our church is hiring for a part time teacher. Not sure what I wanted to do I sent them my resume. I immediately got a phone call and asked to come in for an interview the next day. In not so many words I got the impression they wanted me for the job. That was yesterday. I sent a thank you email today and am waiting for a response. I am torn in half about what to do though. My logical side says take the job and save the money for Kepler's college/future. My heart strings say I want to be there for every milestone and can't leave my baby. I have absolutely no idea what to do....sigh what a year.

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