Friday, December 25, 2009

Wow how long has it been? A long time...What a semester it has been so far. It started out a little rough for me and I didn't think October would ever end, but here we are and it's Christmas Day. Time is flying by and we are already halfway through another school year. Nothing terribly exciting has happened, but here is an update nonetheless. I have a great class this year and Carmen is doing a fantastic job of helping me out. Beau's year is going OK as well. He's looking at moving districts next year, but we'll see what the next few months hold for us. My class is supposed to be moving to a new campus next year as well, but again we'll see what happens. For now things are going quite smoothly. We went and saw Beau's family in Destin, FL for Thanksgiving, we took a mini vacation to San Antonio for Christmas and we have just paid off our Australia trip. I'm looking forward to seeing another country in June, but I suppose we have to finish out the school year first! So for now this is the best update I have and I will try and update more often this next semester! :)

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